Rosactive means the "research of specific active ingredients" and is a phytoceutical product; PHYTO meaning "PLANTS" and CEUTICAL meaning "SCIENCE".

It is a non-invasive professional skin care line for maximising skin health, specialising in natural active ingredients with proven clinical results.

After seeing immediate results from one treatment I have now been using Rosactive as a professional product for 4 years.

Irene Lohi Amax laser, Auckland

A very professional product with excellent support and training. Immediate and lasting results ensure client satisfaction

Tania Sharp Acajou Beauty Therapy, Auckland


  • Active ingredients-from natural and pharmaceutical sources.
  • Maximum % Concentrations-maximum active ingredients allowed by the FDA.
  • Molecular weights-correct molecular weights for specific skin actions.
  • Cosmetic base-important for correct penetration of active ingredients.
  • Ionized-can be used with or without machines.
  • Testing-clinical tests prove the biological action.
  • Acts in 2 to 8 mins for immediate and lasting results.
  • Not tested on animals.

Clients want immediate results! I am now able to offer non-invasive treatments that suit my client demands without cosmetic surgery.

Kim Atkinson Teipsum, Auckland

Plant based products that give instant and lasting results. A very professional product!

Stephanie Haughey Wellness from Within, Stratford