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Welcome to Rosactive Phytoceuticals.

Italys' number one Professional Skin Care brand for professional medical users.
Rosactive is a leader in vegetal stem cells, Dermal Stem cells, Hyaluronic acid and filler like professional treatments.

Rosactive ingredients are 100% plant based extracts, with the maximum concentration of active ingredients permitted. With ionized molecules being the correct weight and size to penetrate into the level of the skin where the work needs to be done. This technology allows Rosactive products to provide fast and effective results in skin rejuvenation without contraindication.






Biohyal 100% Organic product based on the action of 3 biotech hyaluronic acids.

Biohyal program is a progressive program of care for the prevention and treatment of age-related symptoms. It can treat all types of wrinkles (both static and dynamic) due to the organic mixture of hyaluronic acid. Significantly improves the moisture, accelerates cell regeneration, stimulates the activity of fibroblasts and has a filler effect. The aim of the procedure: - Correction of skin aging. - The filling effect on wrinkles. - Strengthening the natural immune defences of the skin. - Deep moisturizing. - Improved elasticity and skin retraction. Alignment of colour and skin texture.


The perfect blend of hyaluronic acid:

The Hyaluronic acid (L)

Has an effect on the skin surface, forming a protective barrier, thereby stopping the process of dehydration, and greatly improving the degree of hydration of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid (M)

An innovative active ingredient that stimulates the cells of non-specific beta defences of the skin, thus strengthening skin’s natural defences..

Hyaluronic acid (XS)

Penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, improves its elasticity, has a smoothing and filler effect.












  • "Simply amazing! My clients after only one treatment notice immediate plumping of the skin."
    Tania Sharp
    Acajou Beauty Therapy, Auckland.
  • "Our laser clinic preforms a lot of skin needling treatments, we use the Biohyal serum for after care for all clients. The best hyaluronic home care available. Wonderful Results."
    Irene Lohi
    Amax Laser, Auckland.
  • "As a medical clinic we want the best for our clients and have found it with Biohyal."
    Julie Breeze
    Laserhaus, Auckland.