Barrier Repair

Barrier repairing homecare products with an exclusive formula of ingredients cocktailed to:

– Repair the skin barrier

– Reduce inflammation

– Repair sensitive and Rosacea skins

– Reduce and repair fresh scars and burns


Cod. V452

Cosmetic effective ingredients: BT water – biotechnological water, snail extract (helix aspersa muller), aloe vera gel, cross linked hyaluronic acid, beta glucan, sambucus extract, natural betaine.
Concentrated serum for sensitive and damaged skins. Reduces redness and inflammation while restoring moisture levels and repairing the skin barrier.


Cod. V451

Cosmetic effective ingredients: BT water, snail extract(helix aspersa muller), aloe vera gel, crossed linked hyaluronic acid, pistacia lentiscus oil, astaxanthin, garcinia mangostana extract, sambucus extract.

A protective, soothing and supreme cream that nourishes sensitive and damaged skin. It supports the epidermis in its self-regeneration processes, protects from photo-aging giving tone, vitality and luminosity to the skin. It is especially recommended for damaged skins after invasive aesthetic treatments, skin showing redness or fresh scars.